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What is Tracktimer?

120201: New user link, changed Tough Technology to my new company Tobotec AB, removed the forum, connect to our Google+ page or Facebook instead

100419: Tracktimer is now on Facebook, check it out: Tracktimer - Software for racing

100309: Updated contact information since I have moved to Stockholm.

090225: New layout without frames, the site should look just the same.

081120: Basic versions now at 50 euro, still cheap!

080328: Yesterday Caroline Landström was lucky enough to be the 100th online customer! She (or more correctly her father) bought the Basic Motorcycle version but she will now get a Pro Motorcycle version for free! And it's not even Christmas! :) Thank you for your order and best of luck Caroline!

080209: Version was released today! All registered users will be able to update automatically when starting the old version while connected to Internet. If you have a really old version this will not work, contact me directly instead.

071122: Version was released today, lots of small but very nice changes!

070704: Version was released today, the main change is that Tracktimer now works in Vista even if you are not logged in as Administrator.

070513: At last the new release v3.0.0.60 is ready!
Tracktimer is now available in English, Italian, Spanish, French, Swedish and partly in Norwegian and German too! Note that the help files are still only available in English.

070421: Share-It announces that they now accept payments from PayPal too! Today I sent out the next release for testing, expect it to be available in about a week.

070206: I have made a new tutorial where I explain all parts of Tracktimer without going into too much detail. You find it at the Download page or use the direct link here.

061214: Ho, ho! I have a Christmas present, all basic versions are now only 10 euro + VAT if applicable! Order page is here.

061206: At last, it's time for a new release: v3.0.0.58!
The big news is that Tracktimer is now translated to French! For a list of changes look in the help file Welcome to Tracktimer - What's new?
Try the demo from the download page.
My visit to Valencia was great even though Rossi fell! I got to meet some important teams and also had a short meeting with Jeremy Burgess.

061017: New VAT rules for customers within EU, check the Order page. There is now a way to chat directly with me using a Meebo Widget at the Contact page, try it!
And most important of all: I am leaving for the final round of the MotoGP at Valencia in Spain. I have been given the opportunity to show Tracktimer to Jeremy Burgess, chief engineer for Valentino Rossi! More about this when I get back!

060504: New official release is v3.0.0.55, now available as demo version too. For a list of changes look in the help file Welcome to Tracktimer - What's new?

060216: Since everybody else do it I might as well try too, have a look at my cafepress shop here.

060125: I just added a brand new forum for users and those who are interested, please join and let the ideas flow!
It isn't pretty (my first forum actually) but right now design is not as important as getting feedback!

051211: Added a mail form on the Contacts page, now it is easier than ever to contact me! Regarding development status on Tracktimer I have had some good feedback on order issues which I will look into.

051204: If you can read this the change to a new server has been completed.

051121: New track packs added! Great Britain, Ireland, Wales and South Africa all thanks to Andy Jamison!

051104: If you downloaded the demo version you might want to look at some data too to see how it works. In the download section you can now download my personal backup from 2004-2005, in Swedish unfortunately...

050718: v3.0 is here! Now in basic versions as well as Pro versions. Slightly increased prices but also more versions to choose from. Have a look around and especially look at the tutorials found at the Download page.

050613: Spam alert! Apparently huge amounts of spam mails with as sender and also some junk mail that ends with The Tracktimer Support Team or The Tough-Technology Support Team has been sent out the last months. I have of course nothing to do with this and believe me, I would like to do the same thing with spammers as you do...
As for the release of v3.0 it is now closer than ever...

050529: I have found a truly fantastic software called Wink which I will use a lot to make small instruction videos.
My first try is here, have a look!
Edit: Actually, this was my first try, more will come soon!

050522: For your information: All new and registered customers have access to the latest v3.0 beta of the pro versions. So if you are waiting for the v3.0 to be released you don't have to wait anymore!

050510: Added Gold Star Angel Racing and Andy Jamison to user links.

050419: I am looking for translators from english to italian, spanish, french and finnish.
In total it is about 1300 sentences/words that need to be translated. In return you will get a free license of any Pro-version. Contact me if you are interested.

031210: Added two screenshots from v3.0. English and Swedish versions of the improved Completed Sessions view.

031126: Added Cornell Racing to user links.

031111: All products ordered from customers resident within the EU now have 25% VAT unless you enter a valid VAT registration code.

031027: In order to share information about how the work on Tracktimer progresses on a more day-to-day basis I have started to use a service called Blogger! Check out to see what I mean.

030819: Added Pirate Racing with rider Rico Mendel to user links. Rico will also assist in translating the program to German. A Swedish version is now almost ready too!

030609: Added J&S Competition to user links

030423: Added BG Sidecar Sweden to user links

030402: Have a sneak peek at what's going to be the new tire database in v3.0 here!

030319: Added a list of references at the bottom of this page.

030315: The Basic version can no longer be bought. It will be replaced by three different Basic versions, one for each vehicle type. More information about this when v3.0 is released!

030302: Added Solberg Racing to user links

030227: Welcome to the new Tracktimer website! I hope you like the new look as much as I do! My regards to RDT for their excellent work.

If you are into racing you most certainly have notes from practice sessions with lap times and setup notes on them.

Some make their own Excel data sheets with notes but many teams even in higher levels still use paper for this.

It is very difficult to get structure among such notes and without structure it's hard to make good use of them.

This is where Tracktimer excels.

The main idea behind this program is to collect just about everything a race team will ever need into one package.

From the beginning Tracktimer has been developed with the help of experienced racers and mechanics, special credit goes to the following people:

· Charles Wessman for car setup details
· Fredrik Watz for motorcycle setup details
· Lars Lindberg for sidecar setup details
· Benjamin Ernryd for kart setup details
· Johan Hellström for general timing ideas

If you want to know more about how Tracktimer works "in real life" you are welcome to contact my references:

· Per-Cato Hamang
Mechanic for Norways roadracing hero Kai-Börre Andersen when he won the European Championship in Supersport 600 2002. In 2004 he will work with Kai-Börre in the German Championships and the World Championships in SS600.

· Peter Lindström-Riedel/Carolina Riedel
Swedish Champions Sidecar 2002-2003, competed in Superside World Championships 2003 (Quit racing, no homepage!)
For 2005 they have switched class to Radical and can be found at

· Charles Wessman
Head mechanic for Formula Ford teams MP Motorsport and Team JATO Motorsport 2002 (Homepage)

Tracktimer is highly specialized software for racing, currently supporting motorcycles, sidecars, gokarts and automobiles.
Tracktimer needs Windows NT 4.0 (SP5), Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
Windows 95 and Windows 98 handles windows resources so badly that Tracktimer will not run stable. Those operating systems are not recommended.

Tracktimer is originally in English but has been translated to Italian, Spanish, French, Swedish and partly to Norwegian and German. Help file is only available in English.

Information paper
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